FCS Alumni News

We will feature an alumni every 2 months at FCS:

Jess Tof graduated in 2013. She attends the University of North Georgia. She also works at FCS as a para-pro in the K5 classroom. She has assisted in volleyball for the upper school as well. Jess is working on an education degree and has a real heart for Christian Education. Jess attends New Life Church ATL.

Here is the list of colleges/programs our students have been accepted to in the past 3 years:

1. Georgia State University
2. Kennesaw State University
3. University of North Georgia
4. Perimeter College
5. Georgia Tech University
6. University of Georgia
7. University of Chicago
8. New York State
9. California State
10. Lee University
11. Toccoa Falls College
12. Wingate University
13. Truett McConnell
14. St. Joseph College
15. Cazenovia College
16. St. Peters College
17. University of California Davis
18. SUNY Binghamton
19. Temple University
20. Istituto Marangoni
21. Georgia Gwinnett College
22. Morning Star College
23. Freed Hardeman
24. University of California Santa Cruz

25. SUNY Buffalo
26. SCAD
27. Emmanuel College
28. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
29. iHop College
30. New York Academy of Art
31. US Army
32. Berry College
33. Carnegie Melon University
34. Piedmont College
35. University of Nevada
36. Mercer
37. Shorter University
38. University of West Georgia
39. Olgelthorpe university
40. Life university
41. Korea university
42. Philadelphia college of medicine
43. Point university
44. Dequesne University
45. Emory university
46. New York university
47. Oral Roberts University
48. Notre Dame University