2017-’18 FCS Openings:

There are no teacher/staff openings for the 2017-’18 school year.

We are accepting subs that will be called as needed.  They must meet all guidelines listed below.

School Staff Vision:

Friendship Christian School is a strong Christian School (non-denominational) that hires qualified certified and degreed teachers.  The candidate must be believer, have a Christian lifestyle and testimony, a strong Biblical Worldview and hold to a literal seven day creation point of view in teaching.  All teachers hired after 2016 are required to have their children attend FCS.

As a strong Christian school, we have a strong International focus and students studying in classes from over 19 various countries.  The vision of our teachers must be Christian education.  We believe we are part of a family and we are called here as a ministry.

We are a non-denominational Domestic and International Christian school.

1) Applying teachers must have a BA or BS in Education from a state recognized college or university.

2) They must be able to be state and/or ACSI certified or currently hold a certification.

3) They must be a Christian teacher and active in their church.

4) They must fill out the FCS application and pass the background check.