7th-12th Fishing Club

Coach: Masatomi Sato
7th- 12th grade girls and boys
*GICAA starts Dec. 2018
This spring is a practice club team preparing for the league
7 practices, shore casting and a tourney this spring


May 19 
Spring Tournament
FCS CUP Bass Fishing Club Tourney

Date: May 19th 2018

Place: Lake Lanier Van Pugh North Park

6838 Gaines Ferry Rd, Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Due to the weather, we suggest you bring the following; this is not mandatory:

Rain Suit

Extra cloths (T-shirts,pants etc)

Mask or Goggle

Hand towel and larger one as well.


    Meet at the ramp

  1. Meet with the Boat Captain
  2. Tournament Meeting

         6:30am          Boats in Water

         6:45am         Blast Off

         3:00pm        Weight in Starts

         3:30pm        Awarding Ceremony

         4:00pm        Dismissed


  1. Fully read and understand the FLW/SAF/TBF ground rules that was provided
  2. Two anglers per boat
  3. When you are out on the water, must follow the boat captains instructions
  4. Life Jacket to be worn all time (during fishing as well)
  5. Limits: Largemouth or Spotted bass 14in or bigger,  5 bass limit
  6. No dead fish to be weighted in  


  1. Need to bring your own tackle
  2. Lunch and drinks (no food that will create a mess in the boat)
  3. Practice your Knots and casting and make sure you are able to tie/untie you lures yourself. (boat captain are not allowed to help unless if an emergency or if there is a potential of safety fail )
  4. Parents to attend the Awarding Ceremony as much possible.



Coach Serge & Coach Max