Welcome Letter

Welcome to FCS!

FCS is accredited with quality through GAC and qualifies for the Hope scholarship as well as state scholarships.  Our seniors this year have over 4 million dollars in scholarships.

We are in the GCAA conference, members of ACSI and we are an approved college clearinghouse division one school for athletes.

Our Christ centered education is designed to collaborate with families and to build character, faith, academia knowledge, talents, and gifts for the Lord.

First, we are Christ focused and have supporting opportunities for discipleship, evangelism, and outreach. We provide daily Bible classes for each grade. We have a weekly chapel that encourages, grows, imparts knowledge and engages students and adults. We provide opportunity for youth connections to missions and missionaries.

We are a great picture of the body of Christ. We are a non-denominational school representing many Christian faiths that are all centered on the Word of God.

We are training students from all over the world with more than 15 countries represented at our school. We are training students to change the world in which they have been called to. We focus on academics, leadership, discipleship, and Christian character. We feel students will reach for the spiritual and academic goals you set for them. Because of this belief, we specifically set our students up to encounter great things; spiritually and academically. Our academic bar is above the GA core requirements.

Lastly, we focus on the development of gifts and talents. Our FCS family and community lay the groundwork for the partnership in academics, socialization, and being a part of a great place to grow young men and women God’s way.

We also have a strong arts program and an after school (school of music) program that is available as well. We also have an intern service available for junior and seniors that allow them to be interns in their future jobs.

Our sports programs: volleyball, cross country, cheerleading, boys basketball, soccer and golf.

Please let us know if we can help you as you search for the right Christian school for your children or grandchildren. At different points in our website, you will find various points of contact.

For the I-20 program and exchange students; call and make an appointment to see what we have to offer.

In His Service,

Rick D. Johnson, Ph.D.
Head of School