Excellent Faculty & Staff

The administration, faculty, and staff of F.C.S. consist of individuals who are all dedicated to providing the best environment and education for each student. The purpose of this is to enable students to meet the intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual challenges they will face in the world upon their departure from Friendship Christian School.

F.C.S. teachers are recruited with a mindfulness of not only their academic knowledge, but also their abilities to cultivate an emotional and spiritual support system for children. Our faculty and staff have a genuine love for children and consider their positions a privilege. They enjoy working with each student and in meeting individual needs with the goal of optimal learning.

Christian Leadership to Change the World

Enriching your children’s spirituality is an integral part of an education at Friendship Christian School. With an education rooted in a Christian perspective, your children will be prepared for careers in a wide range of fields and equipped to make a difference in our world.

Focus on Student Experience

As a private institution, F.C.S. affords you the opportunity for one-on-one mentorship by experienced faculty and staff. Our small class sizes and vibrant student community provide the environment you need to develop academically, socially, and spiritually.

The Purpose of Friendship Christian School

The purpose of Friendship Christian School is to provide an education in support of the Christian family in which students can grow in Christian character, academic achievement, personal development, and social responsibility. To help fulfill this purpose, the faculty and staff commit to model Christ and to adhere to educational integrity, accuracy, and excellence. With the Scriptures as our foundation, we seek to challenge our students to think critically from a Christian life and worldview and to prepare them to live successfully as godly men and women in the world.

We desire to serve our school family. We will take the mindset of Christ (Philippians 2:5-7) by seeking to meet the needs of our families. We will accomplish this by providing a safe, secure environment. We will work to provide an atmosphere that is wholesome and Christ-honoring.

Overall, F.C.S. exists to further God’s work in this world. We work to train the leaders of the future. Through the students and families that are touched by this ministry, we are trusting God to impact our world. We thank God for His faithfulness in providing students, teachers, and finances during this time and the years to come. This is truly His work, established to provide an education that is Christ-centered as an extension of the Christian home.