FCS Boosters

About the FCS Boosters

The FCS Boosters is an organization for all FCS programs. Our mission is to support FCS in as many ways as possible. The Boosters and its board are made up of staff, parents and community members that have a passion for seeing the best for our FCS Family and student body. Your help increases our ability to provide academic, athletic and art scholarships, as well as supporting FCS family members and other programs in need.

Your donations actively participate in creating a brighter future for all students through the programs they enjoy and thrive in. The board has created a variety of memberships so everyone can join and contribute in different ways. In hopes towards promoting all FCS programs by: personal and corporate sponsorships, fund raising, concessions, events and donations.

Our goal is to bring in as many supporters as possible and provide benefits for all members to enjoy. The FCS Boosters Board extends this invitation to all that have an interest in supporting our mission and FCS.

Booster Club

2021 TBA by Director of Athletics: Andy Hoeweler
The Director will meet with candidates and post the 2020-’21 club in the fall of 2020.


Q: Do the Booster funds only support high school sports?
A: No. The FCS Boosters serves all FCS programs for all grades.

Q: Why doesn’t tuition cover athletic fees?
A: At any school – private or public – a small portion of the school’s budget funds athletic programs because not every student participates in athletics. The goal of the FCS booster club is to keep participation fees reasonable for families and to provide a competitive advantage to our athletic teams, providing fields, courts, equipment and technology.

Q: Who should join the FCS Boosters?
A: The FCS Booster Club welcomes everyone interested!