MS / Varsity Basketball

Varsity  18-4 for the season and State-Runner-Up 2018-’19


Director of Basketball/ (8-12) Varsity Head Coach: Anthony Brodie 
(5-8) MS Head Coach: Eric Coates

Try-outs are on Oct. 17th and 18th 3:30-5:30 (6th-12th grade boys)

Practices are as follows:
MS 3:30-4:30 Tuesday and Thursdays
Varsity 3:30-5:30 on Monday, 4:30-6:15 on Tuesday and Thursday

GameDateAway/HomeTimeTeam(V only) Win(V only) Loss
6Nov. 21Home3:30 MS/VBCornerstone MS / Maranatha Academy V
15Jan. 17Home5:00 MS/VBMountain Area Chr.
12Jan. 10Home5:00 MS/VBWarhill
19Jan. 30Home5:00 VBFideles
18Jan. 28Away6:00 VKings Way Christian
14Jan. 14Away6:00 VBMaranatha Academy
16Jan. 21Away6:30 VBFideles
10Dec. 12Home5:00 MS/VBOld Suwanee Chr.
11Jan. 7Away5:00 MS/VBOld Suwanee Chr.
1Nov. 5Home4:30 MS/VBSugar Hill Chr.
9Dec. 10Away5:00 MS/VBCovenant Chr.
7Dec. 3Away5:00 MS/VBMountain Area Chr.
17Jan. 24Homecoming (Court at 6pm)5:00 MS/VBCovenant Chr.
2Nov. 8Away4:00 MS/VBSugar Hill Chr.
3-5Nov. 14-16AwayTourney- VOld Suwanee Chr. (Host)
8Dec. 9Away5:00 MS/VBWarhill
20Jan. 31Home-Senior Night6:00 VPleasant Grove
13Jan. 14Away4:00 MSCornerstone