Get To Know Our Elementary School Principal

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Mr. Shaw is the lower school principal and the athletic director at FCS. His enthusiasm for great education and a fun, competitive athletic program is contagious. We got to sit down with him and ask him a few questions for you:

Where are you from?

I’m from Loganville, and I’ve lived in the metro Atlanta area my whole life.

Where did you go to school?
I received my undergrad in Early Childhood Education from Georgia College & State University and my Masters in Instructional Technology at University of Georgia.

What brought you to FCS?

I taught in a public school for 4 years and I grew tired of the policies and huge class sizes. I felt like the public school was focused on just covering the bases instead of teaching good lessons. I wanted more creative control. I found exactly that at FCS and I love it here, it’s like my second home.

What was your favorite grade as a student and why?

I loved upper high school. I went to a school that was similar to FCS and I played basketball and was in a variety of clubs. As a senior, I was an assistant in the 3rd grade class and that experience really paved the way for me wanting to go into early childhood education.

What would you tell your high-school-self today?

I would tell myself to keep paying attention to the teachers I really liked. I loved my history teacher and think back often to the way he did things, the stories he told and the great impact he had on my life. So pay close attention to your teachers!

You’re also the Athletic Director! What do you have to share about the 2017-2018 athletics at FCS?

We’ve changed leagues – we’re now in the GCAA, which is an exciting, growing league and will create opportunity for closer games and a closer athletic community in the league.

What makes athletics at a small school different from a larger school?

I love that we don’t have to cut hundreds of students from any given team. At large public schools, you may have 1000 kids trying out for a 20-person team. At FCS, pretty much anybody can make the team as long as they have the heart to show up, learn and develop skills. If we end up not being able to offer them a spot on the team, we’ll do everything we can to find a place for them – you just don’t see that at public schools.


Thank you so much for sharing, Mr. Shaw! Be sure to come to one of our many athletic events – the calendars can be found here.

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