2020-’21  FCS Openings:

We are currently taking applications for the 2020-’21 school year.  We will review all applications and schedule interviews the first week of March.

Current open positions for 2020-’21:

HS Science Teacher

*Subs are on call as needed

All FCS applications should be completed and sent to FCS for review before interviews are scheduled.  The application is available on this page.

Please read the qualifications listed below for all teaching positions at FCS: 

1) Applying teachers must have a BA or BS in Education from a state recognized college or university.

2) They must be able to be state and/or ACSI certified or currently hold a certification.

3) They must be a Christian teacher and active in their church. Their pastor will be required to send in a reference form.

4) They must fill out the FCS application and pass the background check.

5) All contracted yearly teachers are required to send their children to FCS.  The only exception we give are IEP students with IEP needs that are not offered at FCS.

Friendship Christian School is a strong Christian School (non-denominational) that hires qualified certified and degreed teachers.  The candidate must be believer, have a Christian lifestyle and testimony, a strong Biblical Worldview and hold to a literal seven day creation point of view in teaching.

As a strong Christian school, we have a strong International focus and we have students studying in our classes from over 19 various countries.  The vision of our teachers must be Christian education.  We believe we are part of a family and we are called here as a ministry.

We are a non-denominational Domestic and International Christian evangelistic school.