Financial Aid


Parents that are not receiving scholarships can receive the following:
2nd Child 15%
3rd Child 50%
4th Child free

Parents can apply for FAST January 7-June 1.  Once they apply, they will present needed paperwork and meet with the board chairman to determine approval.  No applications will be accepted after June 1st.

Parents should apply through the portal with all info including taxes.  Once that is completed, they will schedule a meeting with the FAST Director for final approval; Pastor Vasily (Board President & CEO).

They will be disqualified if they owe past tuition or do not turn in all required forms (including tax forms).

The staff and administration of Friendship Christian School is committed to its long-term growth and improvement. We appreciate your trust in allowing us to serve your family in their academic, physical, social and spiritual development. We are partnering with FAST Grant and Aid Assessment to conduct the financial need analysis for the coming school year. Families applying for financial aid will need to complete an application and submit the necessary supporting documentation to FASTS Grant and Aid Assessment by June the 1st. Applicants are encouraged to apply online.

Fast Portal

Georgia Special Needs Scholarship

Friendship Christian School can accept students who qualify for the Georgia SB10 program.

Please contact Mr. John Park at for information on the program and for enrolling at FCS.  This program is only for IEP students focusing on delayed learning. It is not designed for behavioral issues.

The Georgia Private School Tax Credit

By donating through The Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program a parent is granted a tax credit by the state of Georgia – providing a dollar-for-dollar tax CREDIT off of state income tax liability (not just a deduction).

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