Fine Arts


Fine Arts Director:
Soyoung Park

Mrs. Park received her BA and MA from Keimyung University. She teaches piano and choir.  She oversees all of the Fine Arts programs at FCS.

She has been conducting, accompanying, and teaching piano and music for over 30 years.

Fine Arts Staff:

Mrs. Soyoung Park - Fine Arts Director, Choir, & Piano

Ms. Anna Park - Orchestra and Choir

Mr. Yuri Mykhaylenko - Piano, Lower School Music

Mrs. Nadia Shevchenkols - Art

Elementary Music

A wide range of music classes are available to Elementary students as it is crucial that they are introduced to music making.

Middle School Music

Middle schoolers at FCS will have the option to choose which track they would like to take with electives. Some electives are offered semesterly, whereas others are a hybrid throughout the entire academic school year. Classes that are offered at the middle school level are:

    • Middle School Chorus (audition required)
    • Middle School Piano
    • FCS Chamber Orchestra (audition required)

High School Music

High schoolers have the opportunity to take music classes the entire academic school year. Our award winning choir, Spartan Singers, perform many concerts throughout the year as well as focusing on preparing for the Georgia All-State and District choirs. There are many opportunities for students to create their own ensemble as we encourage the art of teamwork and leadership through music. Ensembles that are offered at the high school level are:

    • Spartan Singers (audition required)
    • High School Piano
    • FCS Chamber Orchestra (audition required)


The FCS Drama Department is open to all ages. The Drama Department strives to put on excellent productions throughout the school year, including all students who are interested. Students will be trained in set design, stage makeup, costume design, lighting design, sound design, acting, and acting through song.

    • Middle School Drama
    • Mainstage Productions

Elementary School Art

During the elementary school years of art class, students work on developing their motor skills. They learn to hold utensils steady, draw in straight lines and gain confidence in their artwork. We are working together to lay the very base fundamentals so students can access their artistic potential in the coming years.

Middle School Art
Once the motor skills are developed, we focus on learning different techniques, reinforcing knowledge of the early art stages. Middle schoolers attend art class once per week and assignments are tailored to each students’ skill and comfort level. In middle school, art is an elective.

High School Art
Unlike many other schools, high school art students at FCS attend class every day. Because of the amount of hours, students are able to achieve a high level of skill and confidence in their work. We devote classroom time to color theory, color creation, art history, elements of art and principles of design.

"I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live." Psalm 104:33