Fine Arts

Fine Arts at FCS

Like all classes at FCS, art class is firmly planted on a Biblical foundation.

When students first learn of colors and shapes, we discuss how God is the ultimate designer and planned everything in nature to fit beautifully together. And by His power and grace, He enables all of us to be “mini creators.” We take His good gifts and learn to use them for His glory in the form of art.

Elementary School Art
During the elementary school years of art class, students work on developing their motor skills. They learn to hold utensils steady, draw in straight lines and gain confidence in their artwork. We are working together to lay the very base fundamentals so students can access their artistic potential in the coming years.

Middle School Art
Once the motor skills are developed, we focus on learning different techniques, reinforcing knowledge of the early art stages. Middle schoolers attend art class once per week and assignments are tailored to each students’ skill and comfort level. Mrs. Crouse carefully works with each student to gauge their confidence and understanding of the project so that each student can grow in their abilities no matter their skill level. In middle school, art is an elective.

High School Art
Unlike many other schools, high school art students at FCS attend class every day. Because of the amount of hours, students are able to achieve a high level of skill and confidence in their work. We devote classroom time to color theory, color creation, art history, elements of art and principles of design. The classes are broken down:

Art 1: The class focuses on drawing techniques, paper sculpture, watercolor and acrylic painting. In the beginning, students learn to draw to understand volume, dimension, proportion, scale and value. Once they’ve mastered that, we move on to adding color.

Art 2: The class begins with a review in drawing, creates 3D objects doing a still life then dives into painting. In Art 2, students bring all of their knowledge of the elements of art to create much more complex pieces. They spend most of their time working in acrylics, but also spend time with watercolors and drawing assignments.

When students feel ill-equipped or discouraged, we learn that all things are possible with God. Coupled with hard work and perseverance, we’ve seen time and time again the Lord use self-declared “bad artists” to win awards and bring Him the ultimate glory to create “something out of nothing.”