Get to know Mr. Kilgore

Before coming to FCS in 2012, Mr. Kilgore was a full-time traveling musician and minister at the largest African American church in Athens, Ga. He and his wife Ayanna also ran a very successful daycare, but felt that it was time to transition to the Atlanta-area in 2012. FCS has been blessed by them ever since.

Mr. Kilgore started the music program with four students playing instruments to make up a 4-person band. He expanded his responsibilities to include teaching music and Bible classes. Today, there are over 100 students involved in fine arts and music.

In the Friendship School of Music, students can take instrument lessons from professionals on a variety of instruments including: piano, acoustic, electric and classical guitar, all woodwind and brass instruments, drums and all stringed instruments as well as vocal training.

Mr. Kilgore also serves as the campus pastor and designs the weekly chapels. In the beginning of the program, chapels were held in the cafeteria, but now they are held in the sanctuary. We have 180 students involved every week in the student-led chapel. Sometimes, guest speakers will come and other times, Mr. Kilgore, other staff members or students will share with the student body.

The goal of the weekly chapels is to have students spend time of spiritual growth and to be fed spiritually with time to hear the word of God and to worship with their peers.

“It’s important for students to see their peers worshiping, so they know early on that a relationship with God isn’t just for grown-ups,” Mr. Kilgore said.

Mr. Kilgore says he passionately believes that Christian education is a service to God. He said he believes he fulfills God’s command to “go and make disciples and baptize them” by working in a Christian environment at FCS.

Mr. Kilgore greatly enjoys talking with the students about what is their purpose in life and God’s calling for them. In teaching music, Bible and designing chapels, Mr. Kilgore is able to touch the lives of students and show them that they can do things that they didn’t think they could do beforehand. He’s seen students go from extremely shy and bullied at a previous school to singing on stage beautifully and confidently in the spotlight.

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing wounded people become healed and I feel honored to be the one to help bring them to a healthy place through music,” he said.

If you’d like to witness the amazing talents of Mr. Kilgore and his students, mark your calendars for the Christmas program: FCS Presents Christmas on Broadway December 7 at 6 p.m. in the New Life sanctuary. For more information, follow along on Facebook.

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