International Education

Come study at FCS to grow in English proficiency, connection with classmates and local families, and gain new experiences in Atlanta, Georgia.

Benefit from small class sizes and 1:1 attention

Meaningful relationships with FCS staff and families

Access to further education opportunities in the US

Choosing where to study in the US can be overwhelming. You want to make sure you get it right.

International Student in science class at Christian school near atlanta

Your Student Will Thrive at FCS

Your child will be fully seen and known as they grow relationally and academically.

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Receive college guidance counseling

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Grow in English-speaking proficiency

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Learn independence through cross-cultural immersion

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Create lasting connections with your homestay guardian and classmates

How It Works


Step 1

Talk to the FCS team to have your questions answered.


Step 2

Fill out the application and complete interviews

international student at christian school near atlanta

Step 3

Come to FCS and experience a warm learning environment.

Housing Information

The beautiful thing about an international education experience is that you get to interact with people from all over the world who are as eager to know you as you are to meet them.

At FCS, we are deeply committed to the well-being of our students in all areas of life; academically, relationally, and spiritually. We hope that through chapel and church attendance, FCS students will grow in genuine faith and reliance on Jesus.

What’s included:

The Krafts

The Krafts are delighted to open their home to international female students. Anton and Iryna enjoy spending time outside and volunteering at New Life Church.

The Lantukhs

After raising their six children, the Lantukhs find great joy in serving as house parents for male international students. Vasily and Marya are passionate about education and create a home-away-from-home environment for their students to thrive at FCS.


FCS students have opportunities to join school activities such as…


Middle School

High School


FCS also offers a variety of clubs that students from elementary through high school can participate in. Whether you’re interested in math, music, or journalism, we have something here for you.

About Suwanee, Georgia

It’s intimidating to move to a new place. 

Suwanee is a suburb of Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. This means you will have the feeling of living in a small American town, but you will have access to the city of Atlanta, with all the opportunities it has to offer.

  • Distinct climates for every season, with temperatures varying from 30℉ – 90℉ throughout the year. ​
  • Local professional sports teams
  • Home to notable companies and schools such as Delta Airlines and The Coca Cola Company, The Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University.


“FCS is a place where I felt comfortable and welcomed. I don’t think I would’ve had such an easy time adapting to the US if it weren’t for my very patient and forgiving teachers. One of the most memorable experiences I had at FCS was working on the yearbook during my senior year, My demographically diverse classes helped me build linguistic competence and cultural understanding, which now helps me fit in at college.”

Jack Zhao

“FCS provided so many benefits throughout my three years as an international student. I initially expected difficulty with my academics and graduation requirements, but then I realized that my teachers were dedicated to ensuring I received the help I needed in every area. My path to graduation was smooth thanks to my counselor, and I was given opportunities to participate in almost every aspect of life at the school. I’m proud to call myself an FCS graduate!”

Jemima Katikala

“FCS provided me with many opportunities. I was able to graduate because of FCS. If I had not transferred to this school, I probably would not have found out about dual enrollment. Thanks to the guidance of Mr. Park and Miss Anna, I’m now navigating college smoothly.”

Sophy Jin

A Positive Study Abroad Experience

The unknown of international study is scary! There are so many questions about what to expect during the application process and once you arrive. 

Education is important, and we know that there are so many decisions to be made when considering schools in the US. That’s why FCS provides a caring, personal environment before you even arrive in Atlanta, and once you’re here it will become all the more real.

With that in mind, you can begin your application today, or you can talk to one of our advisors for information on next steps.
When you enroll at FCS, you will be equipped to thrive in English speaking, new friendships, cross cultural living, and engagement in sports and the arts.
We don’t want you to end up in a school that won’t take care of you, or for you to miss out on the amazing opportunities that wait at FCS. Our staff will also provide you with college enrollment guidance when it’s time for those decisions to be made.
Enroll at FCS and become a proficient English speaker with amazing cross-cultural skills that will stay with you forever.

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