Application Process

Applicants need to contact FCS I-20 Director Mr. John Park at or 678-845-0418 for all interviews.  Please contact Pastor Vasily for all hosting and home approval questions.

Tuition is paid in full before the student can attend FCS.

If a student is dismissed due to academic or discipline issues, all fees are not refunded.  All fees are also not refunded if a student decides to transfer or withdraw during the school year.

If an agency sends a student and breaks their verbal or written agreement, the agency will no longer be used at FCS.

FCS Host families: They must sign an FCS  hosting contract.  No student can go to a home not approved by the Board Chairman. They are on an I20 through FCS.  They also cannot change homes without approval.  They will be moved if there is an issue with rules, discipline or attendance.

Families must complete the International Student application.  The application, along with the $150 application fee, should be mailed or dropped off at the main school office. Families must also turn in the Reference Forms and Transcript Release forms to their current schools.

All Students should complete the SLEP, SLATE, TOEFL, or TOEFL Junior English proficiency test and have the results sent to FCS. Interviews in person or Skype are also required.

Once all application materials are received an admissions decision will be made and the family will be notified.

When a family decides to enroll, the signed tuition agreement and the $1000 registration fee  must be turned into the school office before the I-20 Visa is issued.

The family/guardian must provide transportation to and from school. This is required for acceptance. The school does not have bus routes or current transportation options at this time. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Financial Aid and discounts not available to international students

Application Process

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