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We understand that every student learns differently. Some students thrive in a classroom, while others achieve more success by working at their own pace through online learning. That’s why we are proud to offer online courses for eligible high school students. Thanks to our partnership with Georgia Virtual School, we are able to give students the chance to learn through more than 50 online classes that cover a wide range of subjects and coursework. We invite you to take a look at the online classes your eligible student may take advantage of this year through our Online Course Curriculum Guide.

Students who take the final exam and earn a final grade of 70% or higher will receive a credit for their online class(es). Any students who are splitting their time between online courses and on-campus classes may wish to take advantage of the online classes available at Bob Jones University, which also offers the opportunity to earn a class credit after passing the final exam.

Dual Enrollment classes are also available for eligible students through Toccoa Falls College, Georgia State University, and Georgia Tech.

Virtual options are available in every classroom K4-12th grade for students who are unable to attend class in person due to illness or traveling.

Our programs equip students to become strong leaders, entrepreneurs, and faithful believers.

We look forward to finding the right fit for your student as they embark upon one of the final adventures in their early academic career. Together, we can ensure that every child is prepared at each grade level to move up and be successful in the next.

Disclaimer: In order to participate in online classes through the Georgia Virtual Academy, a student must have a 1200 on the SAT and an approved GPA. If a student has a failing grade, he or she is disqualified from all online programs. They cannot drop more than two classes in an academic year.

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Joining us on campus for a tour is the best way to see what the Spartan family is all about.
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