Why Should Parents Send Their Children To A Christian School?

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Written by Dr. Rick Johnson

Why should parents send their child(ren) to a Christian school? The first directive is to look at the Word of God.  Parents are admonished to “train up their children in the way they should go.”

We believe that a school’s ultimate purpose should be to equip children to understand the truth about life, the world, become academically equipped and be trained to fulfill their purpose that God has for their life. Christian Schools seek to equip students to recognize the Lordship of Christ and to train them to have a Biblical worldview in all subject areas of learning and challenges that life will give them.

Christian education equips a student not just academically, but spiritually to be transforming influences in society. The climate of the private school is an atmosphere where academic growth and spiritual growth can take place. The encouragement the student receives equips and trains the student to be a world changer.

Secondly, not only does a school shape a child’s mind, but one also cannot ignore the impact that a school has on the heart of a child.  All schools have a vision for the kind of person they want their students to become.  In other words, schools do not only teach information, but they also seek to educate the emotions, and influence the living actions of a child’s life. The power a school has to impress a worldview on a youngster is foundational training that will carry a child through life.

Christian school students are searching and struggling with life’s issues just as much as those students in public school do.  However, the Christian school gives them the climate and the tools to succeed beyond academics. You cannot prepare the challenges of the road ahead of your child before they get to the challenge, but you can train and prepare the child for the challenge. All children will face difficulty. What the Christian school does is help the student with the tools of life to be able to succeed and not give up when the challenge does come. Christian schools seek to equip children with a biblical worldview that places God at the priority of all things this is in every subject matter, curriculum and in every classroom.

In 2014 Answers in Genesis did a research with ages 20-29 in a church with 90% from public school:

  • Over 20% said the Bible is false
  • Over 45% said homosexuality is not a sin
  • Over 40% said same sex marriages should be allowed
  • 65% said just being “good” will get you to Heaven

The theory and practice of secular education is clear and simple: Students hold the view that God does not exist and is irrelevant to life. Where do they get these values and ideas? Simple, you become what you are around and what you see. The climate of secularism has rubbed off on their lives. They hold the values of the public education system. The student reflects the teacher and the system that they are a part of for 7,200 hours a year. The student reflects the culture and the attitude of that culture. The Christian education system is a partnership with the family that desires their child to be discipled, nurtured and educated in an atmosphere that honors God and gives preparation to be successful emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

If we truly believe God exist and rules this universe, how can we possibly educate kids in a system that never mentions His name or His influence on this world? Education simply lays the foundation for your child’s life in values, academics, morals, attitudes, and future.

Harvard University in 1643 said, “Let every student be instructed and pressed to consider well the end of his life and studies to know God and Jesus Christ, which is eternal life, and therefore lay Christ as the foundation of all sound knowledge and learning” Their system changed to secularism and the student body changed with them. The school system sets the standards and the students adopt those standards and beliefs. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. If we honor God then we grow wise. The educational system that eliminates truth and omits God and the reverence of God will train a society that does the same. We truly reproduce what we are and not just, what we say. Can a believer really trust his most precious gift of a child to secular education? Many lives would be different if the student had a solid Christian education in a life-giving atmosphere.

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