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Dress Code Requirements

The following dress code policies apply to all students enrolled at FCS while on campus or at any extracurricular activity which is organized or sponsored by FCS, or in which the student represents FCS as a participant. Although students will be permitted to change into clothing that is appropriate for specific programs, sports practices, games, community activities, etc., the general guidelines regarding modesty and neatness must be maintained. While FCS recognizes that cultural or societal expectations are not Biblical absolutes, the administration recognizes that appearance influences the atmosphere of the school and reflects the heart’s attitude. 

General Guidelines:

  • Neat in appearance (no holes, frays, patches, or worn-out areas, properly hemmed, with logos properly attached on all items requiring the FCS logo)
  • Modest (not tight or form-fitting)
  • See individual articles of clothing for specific modesty guidelines.

The following articles of clothing are prohibited:

  • Low-cut or see-through attire
  • Halter tops
  • Tube tops
  • Sleeveless tops
  • Short-shorts
  • Any clothing with writing or pictures that exhibit innuendoes, sexual comments, or implications, alcohol or tobacco products, music groups that do not reflect a biblical lifestyle, or anything of a questionable nature.
  • Extreme clothing, hair, makeup, or jewelry styles are prohibited.

The FCS administration reserves the right to define such terms as “appropriate,” “inappropriate,” and “extreme.” Guidelines for attire for special events or business casual days (upper school) will be issued prior to the scheduled event.

Some articles of clothing may not be addressed specifically in the dress code. Those items will come under the discretion of the faculty and administration.

All students are expected to comply with the dress code guidelines in spirit and in practice. Although some violations may be corrected immediately, issues regarding modesty or inappropriate clothing will necessitate a call home requesting a change of clothing and may result in suspension or dismissal if administration deems the violations as blatant attempts to be non-compliant.

Any exceptions to the stated dress code guidelines must be approved by the administration in advance so that students, parents, faculty and staff members have been notified regarding the deviation. (spirit week, hat day, special field trips, etc.)

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