Dr. Vasily Lantukh

Head of School

As the Head of Friendship Christian School, Dr. Vasily Lantukh is a talented motivator and organizer. He holds a master’s degree in Agriscience and has a track record of successful leadership as a minister, entrepreneur, international businessman, and family man.

His strong personal commitment to education has most recently displayed itself in his own six children. Three of them have earned undergraduate degrees from Georgia Tech, and the other three from Georgia State University. Three of his children have earned graduated degrees and are greatly excelling in their fields of work and study. His youngest son, Alex Lantukh, graduated as the valedictorian of FCS in 2011.

Dr. Lantukh has faithfully served as the Pastor of New Life Christian Church since the late 1990s. When he’s not at school or church, he enjoys gardening with his wife, Marya, and tackling a growing list of home improvement projects.

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