Students Engage in Lively, Intensive Study,
and Debate of Biblical Texts

FCS is fully accredited through the GAC / Georgia Accrediting Commission in all levels and is a member school of ACSI. Our students are eligible for many scholarships including the Hope scholarship.

We are a member of the NCAA Clearing House for athletes seeking athletic scholarships.

Our high school students score between 1800-2000 on the high side and 1590 on the lowest side of the SAT. This is well above the national average.

Our mainstream classes are college prep and we do not give accommodations or modifications. We also offer AP and college classes through Shorter,  Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Toccoa Falls and Truett McConnell.

FCS also offers 2 classes for delayed learners; Academic Skills Program (ASP).  This is for delayed learners only; we do not accept discipline issues.  The classes are middle (5-8) and high school (8-12) with limited IEP assistance.