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“I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.”  Psalm 104:33

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At FCS, we understand the value of a high-quality music education. We want to partner with each of our students to give them the opportunity to increase their musical knowledge, as well as the chance to express their creativity through our Performing Arts Program. Whether your child is interested in learning an instrument or has always hoped to perform onstage in a theatrical production, FCS has something for every student.

Elementary School Music

Studies show that music allows early learners to develop their language skills and increase their spatial-temporal skills. Music is even associated with higher test scores and improved mental health. Plus, it is one of the ways we engage in praise and worship time each week.

Elementary school students will participate in music classes that are designed to introduce them to the world of music and performing arts. Our classes focus on teaching the fundamentals of music while offering opportunities for children to explore their own interests in the performing arts.

We also offer private piano lessons after school starting at 3:30 pm for students ages 6+. For details, please contact Yuriy Mykhaylenko at  [email protected] |  (916) 832-2177 

Middle School Music

Middle schoolers at FCS have several performing arts classes to choose from through our electives system.

We are proud to offer several performing arts classes at the middle school level. The following afterschool options are available as well:

  • Middle School Piano

Middle School Drama

Our middle school students have the opportunity to participate in school productions throughout the year through our drama department. Students will be trained in set design, stage makeup, costume design, lighting design, sound design, acting, and performing through song.

High School Music

For our high school students, we offer music classes throughout the academic year. Students have the chance to create their own ensemble as we encourage the art of teamwork and leadership through music. 

For more information about performing arts, contact Yuriy Mykhaylenko at  [email protected] |  (916) 832-2177


Worship Arts Class

Worship Arts combines three disciplines in one class, bringing together vocalists, musicians and technology specialists. This class gives students a broad overview of important elements of congregational worship, aiming to build the kind of strong, humble worship leaders that will enhance and enable the congregation to praise God. The ultimate goal of the class is for students to fully run the school chapel service – worship, hosting, sound, lights and video.

“Before I took Worship Arts, I was so shy! And now, after graduation, I’m excited to serve my church by singing with the worship team.” — Karina Kambur

This class is offered as an elective for middle school and high school students.

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